About Us

Tamelos Consultancy was founded on with the mission to become a trailblazer in business management and consultancy industry through smart and innovative business solutions. With vast hands-on experience of working in the business industry, we realized that a majority of businesses were lagging behind in leveraging technology and ideas to their advantage, despite their best efforts. Actualizing this need, we laid the foundation of Tamelos Consultancy and Solutions, to provide effective management and consultancy services to help businesses optimize their resources, identify goals and streamline their operations to achieve maximum returns.

Today, Tamelos Consultancy has become the personification of its founders’ vision.

We are helping hundreds of businesses – including fresh start-ups to large enterprises and conglomerates – realize their true potential and achieve their strategic goals by offering them professional, personalized and result-oriented consultancy and smart turnkey management solutions.

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What we do

We employ a forward-thinking approach in consulting with entrepreneurs, executives and decision makers. Our consultancy service is a holistic process that starts with an elaborate assessment and analysis of your business to identify the areas that can be improvised to yield better results. In light of this analysis, we help them set a strategic projectile of growth and equip them with all the tools, advice and assistance they need to convert the strategy and efforts into quantified results.

Our solutions are innovative, customized and targeted to deliver promising, durable and sustainable results and create a bridge for your business to make it to the vision and goals.